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  • What is the price of Tiffany’s proposal ring?

    As people pay more and more attention to the sense of ceremony, proposal has become an important ceremony before marriage. In the ceremony, a proposal ring cannot be lacking. Choosing which brand of proposal ring to choose has become a relatively troublesome issue for young people. So what do you...
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  • 2023 New Trendy Moissanite Diamond 925 Silver Gold Wedding Rings

    Recently, more and more people have begun to know about Moissanite Diamond, but they have encountered a small problem: they don’t know how to choose Moissanite  Diamond Ring. Now, Love&Jewelry will show you how to choose Moissanite Diamond Ring. First of all, I want to popularize a litt...
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  • The history of diamond rings: Who stipulates that diamond rings must be bought for marriage?

    Some male friends are puzzled. Why do you have to give a ring or a diamond to get married? I remember that many years ago, the advertisement of a diamond ring was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people – the diamond will last forever and one will last forever. Most girls believe that the...
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  • European and American style rainbow 26 English alphabet necklace S925 sterling silver color zircon ladies clavicle necklace

    European and American style rainbow 26 English alphabet necklace S925 sterling silver color zircon ladies clavicle necklace

    Tr é sor is French, meaning precious and precious. Everyone has their own initials. It can bring out the beauty and uniqueness of everyone and show their personality. The letter necklace can also be used as a special gift for special events such as birthdays, festivals or weddings. At a good time...
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  • Let jewelry light up football, let sports light up life!

    Let jewelry light up football, let sports light up life!

      The World Cup is the most coveted sacred glory of all countries in the field of football, and the ultimate dream of all football players in all countries. It is also known as the "Cup of Life", representing the supreme honor of football ...
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  • What is Moss Agate? Every Love Is Unique

    Appearance: Transparent or translucent, with twigs or moss patterns inside In the application of crystalline energy, moss agate can be used to relieve sudden adverse conditions in any part of the body. It can eliminate mental stress and excitement, especially long-term persistent stress.  Why i...
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  • Winter launch of new models

    This diamond snowflake necklace is the perfect necklace this winter! This diamond-embellished snowflake sparkles like snow, making it a great holiday gift for Hanukkah, Christmas or winter birthdays. This necklace features diamond accents on a 925 sterling silver 18″ chain and is custom mad...
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  • Winter is white, Christmas is colorful

    White winter, colorful Christmas, drifting snow, stars all over the sky, in the decoration of the twinkling Christmas tree, I wish you. At this special time, all I want is to wish you a Merry Christmas! Delicate sparkling Christmas tree necklace with unique design. Colorful crystal clear penda...
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  • Silver winter is coming, recommending minimalist jewelry with a sense of design

    With the resurgence of decorativeism and minimalism, more female friends will advocate minimalism with a sense of design. Whether it is matched with colorful dresses or wearing daily work suits, they show a low-key luxury. Minimalist snowflake jewelry with a design feel has become the most IN hig...
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  • The Most Beautiful Synthetic Opal Collection Jewelry

    Synthetic Opal. The earliest synthetic opal came from France. Since the 1970s, synthetic black opal and white opal have entered the gemstone market. At present, there are more and more types of synthetic opals on the market.    The appearance and basic physical properties of synthetic opal...
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  • In the history of Western jewelry culture, emeralds are regarded as a symbol of love and life

    According to legend, it is also the favorite gem of Venus, the goddess of love. Therefore, jadeite has the connotation of success and the guarantee of love.   Emeralds are not synthetic, they are created; a mixture of various oxides, from aluminum oxide to zinc, but not beryl in any shape. ...
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  • Lab High Carbon Diamond Series Ring

    Our premium lab-grown gemstones are real diamonds grown from microscopic diamonds through an innovative scientific process under strictly controlled laboratory conditions. These top gems are accompanied by a grading report card from the International Gemological Institute. They are expertly cut,...
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