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What is Moss Agate? Every Love Is Unique

Appearance: Transparent or translucent, with twigs or moss patterns inside

In the application of crystalline energy, moss agate can be used to relieve sudden adverse conditions in any part of the body. It can eliminate mental stress and excitement, especially long-term persistent stress.


 Why is the moss agate are  different color of each stone?

Unique Green Moss Agate StoneEvery moss agate is natural,No two moss agate stones are the same,making each one unique.it is normal that the finished ring won’t be the same as our picture.Each people have their own idea about the beauty of moss agate.
Aquatic agate, a kind of agate, has a naturally formed texture like the aquatic plants floating in a river pond, graceful and winding. Available in green, purple and yellow

Aquatic agate is not only an ornament, but the best aquatic agate is a collectible with artistic value. The quality of naturally formed jade is different due to different geographical conditions. The beautiful internal landscape of aquatic agate is invaluable. Large pieces of agate are rare and valuable. In the market, natural aquatic agate with color is also very ornamental, and it is relatively rare.

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Is moss agate a good choice for a wedding ring ?

The wedding ring is in the style of a ring, and the ring represents the fullness of beauty. Of course, the wedding ring also has the meaning of commemoration. It is necessary to always remind two people of the beauty of marriage, and to always remember that the two belong to each other only. The unique symbol of each stone of moss agate is a unique love, the meaning of eternal love, and a romantic love token.

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Let’s See Some Moss Agate Jewelry !

RG016022 (3)

This simple oval moss agate is definitely one of our top sellers – this stone is so translucent because you can see vivid aquatic derivatives near the surface and many more lurking deep within the stone thing. We made this ring simple yet elegant, stylish yet luxurious.

ER016027 (3)

Unique Moss Onyx Stone, Best Design Earrings, 925 Sterling Silver Rose Gold Plated Earrings, the delicate look and shape of the gemstone complements the rose gold to create a unique, cool yet sleek and elegant earring. 925 sterling silver, proven safe through rigorous contact testing. It does not contain any harmful ingredients, nickel, lead, cadmium or allergies.

RG016032 (5)

Moss agate female ring set has natural strength and special significance of the jewelry. The moss agate ring consists of two rings. The main ring is as elegant as a princess and a crown. Matching rings are also known as guardian rings. It is the transmission of love between lovers. Put you in my heart and crown my love

Welcome to Design Your Own Moss agate Ring !!

If you also love this unique center stone and you want to design a wedding ring of your own, get in touch with our team so our designers can help you create the perfect ring.

Post time: Nov-08-2022