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The Most Beautiful Synthetic Opal Collection Jewelry

Synthetic Opal. The earliest synthetic opal came from France. Since the 1970s, synthetic black opal and white opal have entered the gemstone market. At present, there are more and more types of synthetic opals on the market. 

E014559 (7) ER014561 (5)


The appearance and basic physical properties of synthetic opal are similar to those of natural opal. However, the water content is often less than that of natural opal.

ER014556 (6)

The main distinguishing feature of synthetic opals remains the mottled feature. . The most typical features are columnar stains, mosaic stains and clear stain boundaries, honeycomb structure. 

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These lab-made white opal drop earrings elevate any look with vibrant white opal gemstones and sterling silver gold plated. Opal and gold earrings are perfect pieces. Luxurious and understated, your drop earrings are perfect for any outfit and occasion.

Post time: Sep-23-2022