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Fashion 925 Silver Gemstones Jewelry Ring Oval Shaped Pink Rose Quartz Adjustable Rings For Female

Fashion 925 Silver Gemstones Jewelry Ring Oval Shaped Pink Rose Quartz Adjustable Rings For Female

Short Description:

Material:Made of 925 sterling silver ,real gold plating,set in natural rose quartz.

The oval pink quartz is as permeable and moist as hibiscus, which is lovely and charming.

It is not easy to fade, easier to be worn and match clothes. Suitable for Wedding/Engagement/Anniversary/Party/Daily Wear/Gift.

Maintenance:warmly remind you to keep away from water,chemicals ,sharp objects ,and take off the ring during you are sleeping.

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Wearing a rose quartz ring on your left hand can soften your temperament, and wearing a natural rose quartz ring on your right hand can increase your attraction to the outside world!

Rose quartz is the most popular crystal gemstone among women. The ice-clear and pink crystal is very popular. Wearing a natural rose quartz ring can help the wearer relieve negative emotions and bring a relaxed and bright mood. The crystal itself corresponds to the human body chakra. The strong positive energy can help the wearer to ward off evil spirits and protect the physical and mental health of the wearer and family members. In addition, rose quartz is also the most watched love gem, which can make the relationship between couples and lovers more sweet and affectionate. The strong magnetic field of natural rose quartz can also help the wearer increase their own affinity, gain popularity, and attract wealth.

There is a story about rose quartz:a long, long time ago, Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty in ancient Greek mythology, was born. This charming and beautiful goddess was born in the foam of the sea, and her face is beautiful. In order to praise this goddess’ flowery appearance, the gods created beautiful rose flowers. Where Aphrodite went, all the rose flowers bloomed for her, and the essence of heaven and earth also formed in the rose flowers. This is the gentle and gratifying rose quartz.Therefore, the rose quartz can also be called "Aphrodite's Stone", which is a representative of romance and beauty.

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Main Stone

Natural Rose Quartz

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Gold Plated


Nickel Free


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