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Newly Fashion 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Elegant Gemstone Ring Women Natural Citrine Ring

Newly Fashion 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Elegant Gemstone Ring Women Natural Citrine Ring

Short Description:

Material:Made of 925 sterling silver ,yellow gold plating,set in Natural Citrine.

Exquisitely inlaid with high-quality natural gemstones, full of aura.

It is not easy to fade, easier to be worn and match clothes. Suitable for Wedding/Engagement/Anniversary/Party/Daily Wear/Gift.

Maintenance:warmly remind you to keep away from water,chemicals ,sharp objects ,and take off the ring during you are sleeping.

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This citrine ring is uniquely crafted and dazzling. The gemstone color is as gorgeous as a candy. It satisfies all your dreams of color. There is only one, gorgeous enough!Gentle yellow light can inject harmonious power into people's minds, strengthen aura, and make people full of confidence and joy.

Citrine ring symbolizes happiness: Citrine can adjust people’s emotions, calm people, calm, impetuous hearts, feel comfortable and happy, and often wear citrine rings can greatly enhance people’s self-confidence, and no longer hesitate and have confidence in trouble. Hundreds of times, these are the roots of happiness.

The citrine ring symbolizes health: wearing a citrine ring can protect the kidneys and liver, cure diseases and ward off evil spirits.

The citrine ring symbolizes the fortune of wealth: citrine can gather wealth, the main part of the wealth, it is called the "merchant's stone".

Citrine ring maintenance method

1. The storage of crystals must avoid strong ultraviolet rays or high temperature environments, and it is best not to place them close to any heat source, because long-term strong light or high temperature will cause the crystal to lose its luster due to fading.

2. Mercury, a toxic component in cosmetics, can damage the gold and silver rim of crystals, and even leave unsightly spots due to chemical reactions. Therefore, store crystals away from cosmetics.

3. Degaussing, purification and maintenance is an important part of crystal maintenance. The degaussing method of yushou salt is the most common method. Degaussing is done every 1-3 months.

4. Do not wear crystals when bathing, swimming, and strenuous exercise, lest the acid in the sweat will corrode the crystals.

5. Finally, as a fragile item, the crystal should also avoid collision or friction with sharp objects to avoid breaking or leaving scratches.

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Main Stone

Natural Citrine

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Silver weight



Gold Plated


Nickel Free


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