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Olive Tree Branch Leaf Ring for Women Girl Adjustable 925 Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Finger Rings Jewelry Gift

Olive Tree Branch Leaf Ring for Women Girl Adjustable 925 Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Finger Rings Jewelry Gift

Short Description:

Material:Made of 925 sterling silver ,gold plating,set in 5A Cubic Zirconia.

The stylish and simple leaf style has a simple design, which is both trendy and temperamental.

It is not easy to fade, easier to be worn and match clothes. Suitable for anniversaries, wedding, party, holiday, graduation etc.And it is awesome gift for girl.

Maintenance:warmly remind you to keep away from water,chemicals ,sharp objects ,and take off the ring during you are sleeping.

Product Detail

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This simple olive branch ring has fashionable style, fashionable design, exquisite olive branch leaf design, clear vein pattern, small and cute, exquisite and fashionable; it is the choice of minimalism taste, making a woman simple The accessories wear dazzling elegance, and elegant women will be beautiful and outstanding.

The shape of the leaves is simple and exquisite, showing the slenderness of the fingers very well; each part has been finely polished and the surface is smooth and meticulous.

There is a myth about the olive branch, that is the myth of the "Noah's Ark" in the "Bible":

One day in the ancient times, God found that the moral consciousness of mankind was getting worse and worse, almost to the point of incurable. Therefore, it was decided to swallow all human beings by flood. However, God thought that there must be living things in the world, so he sent messengers to the world to investigate the situation carefully in order to determine the objects allowed to survive. When the messenger reported that there was a couple of Noah's good morals, God gave them the right to live: inform the Noah and his wife in advance to prepare a large square wooden boat, prepare enough dry food and drinking water, and select a variety of animals. The pair is on board. Then the flood came, and no creatures in the world could escape the disaster. Only Noah's Ark drifted safely for a long time. The flood subsided, and mountains, islands, and open spaces appeared in the distance. The Noahs were very happy to release a pair of pigeons on the boat into the sky first, giving them freedom. But soon, the pigeon flew back and carried an emerald green olive branch. This seemed to be a message: the earth was restored to life and peace is now! Since then, the olive branch has become synonymous with "peace".

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Item Number


Main Stone

5A White CZ

Stone Size



925 Silver

Silver weight



Gold Plated


Nickel Free


Acceptable and Welcome

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