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How to maintain the jewelry?

Every female friend has a lot of jewelry. After buying jewelry, the key to enjoying the joy of jewelry for a long time is to know how to maintain and protect it. Jewelry, like ordinary daily necessities, will be contaminated by grease, dust and other dirt during the wearing process, and may be damaged over time. For this reason, we needs frequent cleaning, maintenance and maintenance during the wearing process.

Improper maintenance of precious gold and silver jewelry will greatly affect their practical value.We all need to pay attention to the following situations:

1.Sports sweating is not allowed to wear jewelry. When you exercise, you must sweat. Sweat is acidic and can damage gold and silver jewelry. Long-term exposure to sweat will affect their color and luster.

2.Don’t let gold and silver jewelry come into contact with corrosive chemicals. I believe everyone knows this, because when buying gold jewelry, a responsible waiter will warn you: gold and silver jewelry should not come into contact with corrosive chemicals, such as bleach and bananas. Water, sulfuric acid, etc.

3.Gold and silver jewelry cannot be hit or pressed. Gold and silver jewelry are very soft. They cannot withstand collisions with too much pressure. Heavy pressure will not work. This will cause them to deform, and then they will be directly scrapped, even if it has residual value, but The practicality is gone.

4.Please take off the gold and silver jewelry when taking a bath or doing housework. When doing housework or taking a bath, you will inevitably come into contact with some cleaning supplies, and most of these cleaning supplies will damage the gold and silver jewelry. The gloss and appearance will be ruined, so be sure to take it off when taking a bath or doing housework.

5.Gold and silver jewelry cannot be placed at will. If gold and silver jewelry is placed at will, it is easy to cause "accidents" without your knowledge, such as impact, staying from a height, being crushed by heavy objects, etc.

6.Clean gold and silver jewelry regularly. Use a special cleaning agent. When wearing gold and silver jewelry frequently, it is inevitable that it is very dirty. At this time, please do not use cleaning agents at will, especially scrub-type cleaning agents, if there is no special cleaning agent. , You can use baby shower gel instead. Because the baby shower gel is mild in nature.

7.Gold and silver jewelry should be stored in a special box. You cannot mix gold and silver jewelry together in a special storage box. I believe you all have a jewelry box, because there will be boxes when you buy these valuables.But don't mix them together for convenience, as this will cause them to rub against each other and damage each other, affecting gloss and appearance.

When taking care of your jewelry, you can refer to the following:

1.Regularly wipe with a soft cloth or soft brush to clean

2.Avoid contact with sharp and chemical substances

3.Avoid wearing in humid environments, such as bathrooms, swimming pools, etc.

4.Do not wear it when doing housework and strenuous exercise


Post time: Oct-21-2021