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Introduction for Citrine Ring

The citrine ring is a very popular style now. It will look particularly good when worn on the hand and has a great temperament. It is also a good match with clothes.
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The meaning of the citrine ring
1. Citrine ring symbolizes happiness: Citrine can adjust people’s emotions, make people calm, calm, and calm the impetuous heart, feel comfortable and happy, and often wear a citrine ring to greatly enhance people’s self-confidence, and no longer hesitate in trouble. , Full of confidence, these are the roots of happiness.
2. Citrine ring symbolizes health: Wearing a citrine ring can protect the kidneys and liver, cure diseases and ward off evil spirits.
3. The citrine ring symbolizes the fortune of wealth: citrine can accumulate wealth, the main part is wealth, and it is called the “merchant’s stone”!
How to choose a citrine ring
When buying a citrine ring, you should choose a citrine ring from five aspects: color, clarity, luster, carving, and workmanship. The orange citrine is top-grade, giving people a royal nobility, in terms of clarity. , The crystal clear topaz is naturally the highest in clarity.
If the color of the citrine ring is gray and brown, it means that the clarity is low. Generally, the stone of natural citrine is very hard, smooth and dignified. Therefore, it takes more time to carve citrine and requires skilled craftsmen. Only then can we produce a topaz with higher collection value.
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Citrine ring maintenance method
1. The storage of the crystal must avoid strong ultraviolet rays or high temperature environment, and it is best not to place it near any heat source, because the long-term strong light or high temperature will cause the crystal to lose its luster due to fading.
2. Mercury, a toxic component in cosmetics, can damage the gold and silver rim of crystals, and even leave unsightly spots due to chemical reactions. Therefore, store crystals away from cosmetics.
3. Degaussing, purification and maintenance is an important part of crystal maintenance. The degaussing method is the most common method. Degaussing is done every 1-3 months.
4. Do not wear crystals when bathing, swimming, and strenuous exercise, so as not to erode the crystals by the acid in the sweat.
5. Finally, as a fragile item, the crystal should also avoid collision or friction with sharp objects to avoid breaking or leaving scratches.

Post time: Dec-13-2021