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Malachite is a beautiful decorative stone. Its rich, patterned coloration in shades of green is unique among gems. Malachites low hardness makes it easy to work, though it still takes a polish very well. These qualities, combined with ready availability, make malachite a popular choice for lapidary artistry.

Natural malachite has a dark green and emerald luster. Although it does not have the brilliance of jewelry, it is a noble stone with a unique and elegant temperament.


Its Hypnotic green swirls and a rich azurite mixture make the healing gemstone of Malachite pop. This dark emerald and glorious stone can send our imaginations shooting to forests of velvet green, soft spring days, lush mountains, and cool running waters. It is a stone that takes its name from the Greek word for malakos” meaning soft. While it is a stone that holds its strength, Malachite is a heart opener which may relate to how the Greeks came to gift this stone with its gentle title.

The word "malachite" also has the meaning of "wife's happiness".

Malachite has been used by humans since antiquity, and was believed to protect one from evil. In Ancient Egypt, the color green was highly symbolic, representing new life and fertility. Ancient Egyptians referred to the eternal paradise they believed awaited them in the afterlife as the Field of Malachite.In Germany, people who wear malachite are thought to avoid the threat of death, but it is also basically a talisman.In ancient China, malachite was worn as a variety of jewelry, but because of its high price, ordinary people were not able to wear it.

The beautiful green of malachite is still a symbol of youth and auspiciousness, bringing people the feeling of eternity and spring.


Malachite Features:

1. Antioxidant.

There is also natural copper in malachite, which can activate the natural antioxidant enzymes (SOD) in the skin, so that the antioxidant enzymes in the skin can play the greatest role and achieve the purpose of anti-oxidation.

2.Disinfection and regeneration, detoxification and regeneration.

The ancient Egyptians used to grind malachite into powder and apply it to festering wounds to achieve healing.

3. Enhance cell activity.

French scientists have extracted a natural active substance in malachite. This substance is extremely safe, can improve the natural resistance of cells, remove residual impurities in cells, thereby enhancing cell activity.


In modern metaphysical practices, malachite symbolizes transformation, abundance, and spiritual wisdom.  Some people believe that wearing malachite jewelry can alleviate depression and help aid in the restoration of balance and positivity.  Whatever your beliefs are, malachite is undoubtably a beautiful stone to add to your collection.


Post time: May-17-2022