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Jewelry consumption understand

Jewelry consumption understand

his article is transferred from: middle-aged and elderly times.

in order to jointly promote consumption equity, improve consumers' jewelry consumption knowledge, improve consumption ability, guide and urge operators to fulfill their legal responsibilities, on March 9, Tianjin Consumer Association hand in hand once again with the national gold and silver jewelry quality inspection and Testing Center (Tianjin) to hold a public welfare activity of "understanding jewelry consumption" .

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According to reports, this activity expanded the scope on the basis of the original free review only for online jewelry and precious metal jewelry. Jewelry and precious metal jewelry held by consumers can be reviewed free of charge. The testing agency will arrange experts to check the jewelry to determine whether it is consistent with the attached certificate and advertising, and inform consumers of the results. Meanwhile, combined with the characteristics of limited consumer recognition ability, it will publicize the common sense of jewelry and precious metals consumption to consumers. For the "problem jewelry" purchased by consumers in the verify process, the municipal consumer association will guide consumers to protect their rights.

Post time: Mar-16-2022